Global Sourcing Experience

Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, Pentasource, Inc. provides clients with the control needed to purchase manufactured components, assembly and high quality finished goods at a lower cost. From identifying qualified U.S. and offshore suppliers to ensuring accurate production, delivery or importing, partnering with Pentasource is your key to global sourcing with confidence.

Pentasource has experience working with companies in many industries and their proven sourcing methodology works for any manufacturer. Pentasource’s near-perfect client retention rate speaks volumes about their capabilities. The people of Pentasource are rightfully proud of their global experience and their proven ability to:

Locate the right supplier for your products

Establish a repeatable procurement process

Develop long-term supplier relationships

We invite you to read further about Our People and Our Experiences. Take the risk out of Global Sourcing. Talk to Pentasource today.

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